F-BoM June 2009: Gaping Void

by Miserere


Featured Blog of the Month: Gaping Void


Hugh MacLeod - Create or Die

While not dealing with Photography, I find Gaping Void such an inspiration that I decided to name it this month’s F-BoM. Is it chewing gum for the soul? Ketchup for a fried brain? Maybe it’s Zen on a ticker, or Web 2.0′s fortune cookie. Describe them as you will, but Hugh MacLeod’s witty cartoons drawn on the back of business cards are not your standard internet gimmickry. Sometimes harsh, sometimes touching, but always thought-provoking, Hugh’s short messages resonate with today’s 140 character culture; add to that some unique “squiggly drawings” and you have yourself the perfect conversation starter for the 3rd Millenium. Although now they’re called Cube Grenades (get with the program already!).

Hugh MacLeod - Flickr Uploads

Hugh MacLeod - Ignore EverybodyDon’t let his Gaping Void cartoons lead you to think that Hugh is only capable of single sentences. On June 11 he will be releasing his book Ignore Everybody: and 39 Other Keys to Creativity. This is a compilation of ideas from his blog (which he must’ve started shortly after the Industrial Revolution) and which was originally published in an unpolished form as How To Be Creative back in 2004. It was reading this tome some months ago that turned me on to Hugh’s thinking and style.

Shortly after Ignore Everybody is released I will be giving away a copy of the book to one lucky blog reader. I’m still not sure how I will decide who gets it, so if you have any ideas, let me know!

Until then, tune in to Hugh’s mental frequency and heed his order: Create or Die. As an artist, you have no other option.

Hugh MacLeod - Read My Blog

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  1. Great stuff, Mis, I am so glad you are out there to keep me somewhat up with the times.

  2. I am ooen to any concepts!

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