F-BoM February 2010: Street Vision

by Miserere


Featured Blog of the Month: Street Vision


For some, Photography is a way of expressing artistic urges, for others it is a way of making pretty pictures, but for my friend Javier, Photography is an end in and of itself.

Street Vision

He wanders the streets in and around Los Angeles photographing the people, the buildings…a slice of Life.

Street Vision

He also uses Photography as a way to break down barriers between classes. Where other street photographers stay on the other side of the wall that is their camera, Javier climbs this wall and becomes a part of his subjects. It couldn’t be any other way for him, his generosity and big heart wouldn’t allow it.

Street Vision

But Javier also has a softer side, which he’s not afraid to show when the chance presents itself.

Street Vision

All photos: ©Javier Gutierre.

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