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Friday morning, January 29th 2010, I was having breakfast while perusing the usual suspects of Photography blogs, when I hit Photo Induced, curated by the tireless Damon (he’s been writing his blog since November 2005!). I was a bit behind on his latest news, because the first article that came up was talking about, a 365 site with a twist.

Shane Rich sat down one day on a large rock in the Colorado Rockies and thought, I should start a 365…with a twist. That’s how I imagine it, anyway. The twist? He’s creating each daily photo for a different client, because he’s selling each one of them. And the price? Depends on the date you choose. On January 1st it’s $1, on the 2nd it’s $2, on the 3rd it’s $3… I think you get the idea. And yes, on December 31st the price will be $365. Not only will Shane come up with an idea for a photograph and shoot it, he’ll also send you a print.

Back to Friday morning. I thought I’d buy my wife’s birthday but it was taken. Not to be deterred, because I always like supporting good ideas, I decided to get a date for EtL. Seeing January 31st was free, and wanting to help Shane with empty days, I booked it. Shane e-mailed me quickly to ask about any ideas I might have and I unloaded my request: Shane, you have 48 hours to come up with a single photo describing EtL. And believe me, Shane delivered.

If you want to see what he came up with, check out January 31st on Make sure you see his other days too; and while you’re at it, consider buying a day for your business, your spouse, or even yourself! C’mon, don’t make him eat that camera…

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  1. Much thanks Miserere for the article, interest, + support of my project. Great writing. The print from your booked day will be delivered very soon. Good Luck and stay in touch. Forward towards the next day.

    -Shane Rich

  2. I actually thought I was a bit late to the game when I started my own blog in Sep 2005!

    But then my site (though pretty dormant for years now), started in 1999, was actually one of the world’s first blogs, although I had not heard of the concept and so did not have automatic software to do it.

    Not to brag, you know… :-)

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