Samsung NX10 Arrives at EtL Headquarters

by Miserere


Samsung NX10 vs Olympus E-PL1

Samsung NX10 vs Olympus E-PL1 (excuse the crappy BlackBerry photo).

Look who just arrived at EtL HQ! I believe I’m one of the first people in the US to receive a final production model of the Samsung NX10 (courtesy of the good folk at B&H), and despite the bad weather forecast for my area this weekend, I’m going to do my best to get out there and give this guy a good initial test run. Expect my initial impressions soon.

In the photo the NX10 sits next to the Olympus E-PL1 (see review here), who should be shipping home very soon. I’m glad I was able to get them together to compare sizes side by side. The NX10 is not that much bigger, despite the larger LCD and fixed EVF, and feels about the same weight. I can tell you right away the NX10 is comfortable to hold. Because of my point of view and wideangle lens on the BlackBerry Storm the NX10 appears much larger in the above photo. I’ll take better ones this evening.

Sadly, I haven’t received the Samsung 30mm f/2 pancake lens, which I really want to try out. It isn’t even listed on the B&H website, so they may not get it in stock before my review is done. That would be a shame!

Stay tuned for more over the weekend or early next week.

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  1. This is a review that will be of great interest to me. By any chance, did you get the 30mm pancake?

    • Javier, did you get so excited you didn’t finish reading the post? ;-)

      Nope, I didn’t get the 30mm pancake, which I think isn’t available yet in the US. It’s a big shame, because at this size, the camera is screaming for a pancake.

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