God Save the Queen! (Just Don’t Photograph Her)

by Miserere


Liz Kendall - House of Lords

Photograph taken by MP Liz Kendall inside the House of Lords during the Queen's speech.

When Liz Kendall (TweetPhoto and Twitter accounts), newly elected MP (Member of Parliament) for Leicester West in the UK, attended the Queen’s State Opening of Parliament speech on May 25th at the House of Lords, she was taken aback by all the pomp and ceremony that accompany these occasions, and she did what most modern people would do nowadays: She snapped a photo with her iPhone and posted it on Twitter.

Big mistake.

It turns out photography is forbidden inside the chamber of the House of Lords and her tweet might have landed her in a spot of trouble with the Parliamentary authorities, who were informed of her actions even before the speech ended. In fact, the above photo was snapped and shared only 7 hours ago, so this is still breaking news. After the speech Ms Kendall visited the library, when she came out she was informed of her transgression and seemingly cheerfully tweeted Emerged from library & PLP to discover slight photo-related furore… She then returned to the chamber to attend the debate on the Queen’s speech, upon exiting a couple of hours later she tweeted Ok, just out of chamber, some quick observations before see if I’m in proper trouble about the pics….

Ms Kendall must have a cheeky side to her because just 2 hours after the above tweet (a little over 1 hour ago) she tweeted another photo with the message Hopefully won’t get in trouble for this pic (see below). Hopefully she won’t suffer the same fate Sir Thomas More did, whose remembrance plaque she photographed.

Liz Kendall - House of Lords

Liz Kendall wields her iPhone camera once more.

Of course, when I say photography is forbidden in the chamber of the House of Lords, I’m referring to MPs. If you’re the official photographer(s) for the ceremony, then it’s OK. And the speech was being broadcast live on TV, so it’s not like Ms Kendall was revealing any secrets of state to her followers. This brush with delinquency simply highlights the ongoing clash between modern technology and old traditions. I welcome Ms Kendall’s innocent mistake and interpret it as the desire of a young MP to keep her constituents abreast of what she’s up to while working for them. It’s refreshing to think there is a politician out there who thinks this is a worthwhile thing to do. Tradition be dammed, I say. Tweet on, Liz; tweet on!

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  1. Apparently she also has no clue how to dress… those feet overflowing from her shoes, yuck!

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