Weddings Can Be Funny Too! Wedding Photographer Fails

by Peter Zack


Some days, things are going just right. Some days they aren’t. Especially if your backup camera is over your shoulder and this happens. Not too sure I’d be very happy with the videographer if I was the photographer. It’s funny but I really feel for the guy.

Wedding Photographer Fail – Watch more Funny Videos

Some day an author should compile a book of wedding photography nightmares. I have a couple that would make the book!

Just for fun, a few more. not necessarily the photographers fault but they are worth sharing.

Then you’re the best man and the party last night went a little too long…

Never trust a woman in a red dress, Especially when she’s trying to upstage the bride! I really feel for the bride in this one.

Laughter is the best medicine. Remember to always wear suspenders! (this one’s too long, not much new after 45 seconds)

Brings a whole new meaning to the Expression “Taking the Plunge”.
Seems to be a warning here that water and weddings don’t mix well.

Cheers and good shooting – Peter Zack
I hope at least better shooting than this!


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  1. I worked in a photo lab long before digital came along and I know weddings can be funny and photographers capture it all. Many weddings would have a few photos that were never seen outside of me and the photographer, but they made us giggle.

  2. These made my day. I bet America’s Funniest Home Videos would have stopped before showing the blood in the second video.

  3. I’m sure they would have K.P. I really felt for the bride in that one. I don’t imagine she will ever find that funny.

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