Dephotivation Monday: Demotivation

by Miserere


Mondays suck, so to help you with those early week blues EtL will give you a poster that might make you smile, chuckle or heave a sigh of relief. Or it might just depress you even more, but by reading this you exonerate us of any wrongdoing. Hey, it’s Life, nobody said it had to be awesome.

And don’t expect these every Monday either—we’re not a poster factory here.

Dephotivation - Demotivation, Sometimes the best solution to photography problems is to dump your camera in the sea and take up stamp collecting.

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Image: Copyright and courtesy of Javier Gutierre.


Terms of service: You are free to download, share, repost, print or burn the full-size poster (1280×1024 pixel) as long as you do not change the original file in any way. Don’t resample, resize, add or omit anything from it. And by all that is sacred in this World, don’t strip the EXIF data. Oh, and in case it’s not abundantly clear: EtL retains the copyright of the idea and text and, unless otherwise noted, the image.


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  1. NOTE: A camera was harmed in the production of this poster

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