F-BoM October 2010: Gianni Galassi

by Miserere


Featured Blog of the Month: GIANNI GALASSI PhotoGraphia


If you’ve taken a look at the links in EtL’s revolving blogroll you may have come across Gianni Galassi’s blog and wondered why it was on our list. True, it is very different to the type of Photography we tend to feature on this site, but I find it refreshing and satisfying—a break from the cat and flower pics my eyes are assaulted with most days of the week. Not that there’s anything wrong with cat a flower pics.

Gianni Galassi

Or maybe it’s just that after working on my B&W street photography, when I look at Gianni’s work it’s like being hit in the face with a bold-coloured, high-contrast water balloon filled with ice-cold water—jarring, refreshing and fun.

Gianni Galassi

One thing you’ll notice immediately about his work is the choice of a square format for his images. I find it helps increase the tension and their capacity for confusion; much like an Escher drawing, it’s not always clear in Gianni’s images what’s up, down, in or out. He is also a master of deceit, making you believe small structures are large, small, large, and sometimes just plain not letting you know what you’re looking at.

Gianni Galassi

To call Gianni’s Art abstract is misinterpreting it; he hovers around abstractness like a bee looking for the best angle to approach a flower, so you never know whether to interpret a given image as literal or abstract, and this is part of his magic—he keeps you guessing, always.

Gianni Galassi

All photos: ©Gianni Galassi.

Read our interview with Gianni Galassi.


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