How to Lose $2400 in a Few Seconds

by Peter Zack


Subtitle: Lesson learned, check the tide and stay close to your gear.

Not much I need to say as the video says it all, although you might suspect what’s about to happen. The photographer, Kurtis Hough was filming at Cannon Beach, Oregon, Pacific Coast, USA (how ironic is that!) with his Canon 5D MkII. We’ll let the video tell the rest of the story…

Cheers and good shooting (safely!!)
-Peter Zack

Ed. Note: Nikon wanted a piece of the action too; check it out:

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  1. Exactly why I always comment that I’m happy with cameras costing under $1500 (and more preferably under $900).

    No matter how careful you are, once you venture out of the safety of a urban/indoor environment -not that you can’t destroy a camera in any environment- you can easily lose a camera any number of ways without much effort on your part.

    Sure, insurance, perhaps even through your credit card company can solve some of the pain, but my experience is that none of this is instantaneous and often not 100% replacement.

    Shop frugally for gear capable of top end IQ with disposable price points and this sort of thing will be a little less tragic.

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