Missy, You Are My New Hero!

by Peter Zack


This cracked me up. If you don’t get it, she’s being so sarcastic. There are some classic lines in there:

      ”…the thing where you… oh, oh shutter speed!!”
      ”…let the camera do the work for you…”

The curious thing about the video is how many dislikes there were vs ‘Likes’ Maybe all those “real” MWAC’s got the joke and were offended.

There are several videos in the set. I wonder how long she’ll keep this going.

Keep up the great work Missy, maybe someone’s listening….

The other episodes are here:
Part 2: Family Posing That’s REAL
Part 3: The Importance of Accessories in Professional Photography
Part 4: To Print or NOT to Print

Her video goes quite nicely with our humour piece from a while ago Top Ten Reasons You Should Become a Pro.

Cheers and good shooting
-Peter Zack

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