Leica S2: The Naked Test

by Miserere


Leica S2

No, not us, nobody’s gonna lend us a Leica S2; we had to cry and beg just to get a JPEG of it to show for this article! No, what happened is that Leica wanted to showcase their medium format digital camera and hired Jarmo Pohjaniemi to shoot something that would show off the camera’s awesomeness. The choice was obvious: A naked girl and some huge soap bubbles:

I’d like to see the amazing photographs taken at this shoot, so amazing that they couldn’t have been taken with any other camera but the Leica S2.

Good light and good luck,


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  1. It must be a real dog of a camera if that’s all they’ve got to show.

  2. I did not see the tatties. I did not see the pussy.

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